Client Focus connects your leadership and capability teams with the global interim community, to identify, assign and support specialised interim managers matching your strategic delivery and uplift needs.

About Us

Client Focus is a progressive, management and training services specialist with strategic focus and expertise in the field of interim management, enterprise resourcing and training services. We are headquartered in the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin, Ireland, with wide reach in EMEA and APAC.

Focussed Effort

Our interim management specialists bring a complete spectrum of leadership, management, and training skills and experience

Made to Measure

Interim managers join your existing enterprise structure to deliver fresh ideas, techniques and energy unique to your own needs

Total Support

We share knowledge, innovation and dedicated support with our clients and their specialised interim managers.

Certified Interim Leaders bring mature skills and experience to bear at short notice, without the overheads and shackles associated with employment. They collaborate, advise, plan, implement, embed the lessons and then exit, handling a range of key strategic training and capability interventions.

Join Us

The Client Focus team is passionate about growing the field of interim management by helping clients incorporate focussed managers in key training and capability roles. We look for people who share the same passion, work hard, are internationally mobile and would like to be part of world-class teams.

We are currently looking for people interested in the following challenges:

Training Consultant

Experienced in developing strategic partnerships and training platforms

Business Development

Proven experience in building leads and selling interim management services to global enterprises in the training space

For more information on these challenges and how you can excel please email (at)

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